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Halfcorp is a holding company for ideas and experimentation.

Some ideas may turn into businesses; most won't. All have the intent of being valuable to someone.

ChatGPT Coding Experiments with Myke

An impromptu virtual meetup where someone volunteers a problem they're trying to solve and we live-code a solution using AI tools like ChatGPT and Copilot.


Are you attending? One ask before arriving: the best way to learn is to come with a problem you're trying to solve. If you can intuitively describe the problem, and the result you're looking for, that makes for a good AI prompt, which yields workable code.

The work we will do is coming up with simple but specific prompts to output good code, then glue it all together.

So bring a problem. If you have any supporting files, like if you want to process an Excel file, etc., upload it using this form before the start of the session.

Previous Sessions

Thursday, March 30 at 10am PT, 1pm ET
We used ChatGPT and Replit to build and run a Python script that scrapes public LinkedIn posts from a particular profile, appends it to a CSV, then generates a headline.