Smaller than the sum of its parts.

Halfcorp is a holding company for ideas and experimentation.

Some ideas may turn into businesses; most won't. All have the intent of being valuable to someone.

Works in Progress

  • Repth
    An AI-based cycling coach that uses real athlete performance and psychographics to build a training plan that works.
  • The SaaS Bible
    An in-depth resource that outlines starting, running, and growing a SaaS company.
  • Tach
    A simple bluetooth heart rate activity recorder that uploads to Strava.

Launched Projects

  • Marin Fairy
    For Marin County peeps, an easy-to-read Golden Gate ferry schedule.
  • Spotify - Auto Follower
    This script automatically follows all artists within a given playlist.
  • Spotify - New Music Playlist
    It's frustratingly hard to know what new music has been released by artists that you follow. This little utility creates a new playlist of music that's been released in the past year by artists you follow.
  • Climate Change Tech Library
    A comprehensive resource that compiles the latest developments in climate change technologies and their ability to make systemic change at a global scale.
  • ChatGPT Coding Experiments
    An impromptu virtual meetup where someone volunteers a problem they're trying to solve and we live-code a solution together using AI tools.
  • Yaycorn
    An SMS chatbot that uses AI to make sure you never forget to buy someone a gift.
  • Tesla Prep
    A simple checklist app that helps new Tesla owners take delivery of their vehicle.
  • The Feels Fair Agreement
    A document template for company founders to have a plan for when things don't go to plan.