About Half Corporation

Halfcorp was established in 2023, coinciding with the public launches of multiple LLM APIs. These launches marked the beginning of the third AI wave.

In this era, English has become the programming language for building powerful software—the ultimate abstraction. And direct brain-to-product capabilities are only a few years away.

We envision a future where you can converse with your ancestors, where a robotic arm feels like a part of your body, and where the line between human and machine blurs beyond recognition.

Until then, we believe there are vast opportunities to create novel solutions to problems by applying today's AI breakthroughs in specific, practical ways.

The time of the single-person billion-dollar businesses is here.

Critics argue that AI "wrapper" companies lack intellectual property or a competitive edge because they depend on frontier AI platforms. That's like saying the existence of Excel negates the need for Salesforce. The world needs more than a chatbot.

What we invest in businesses that have:

  • Limited founders, augmented with AI agents.
  • Niche domain expertise.
  • Proprietary datasets.
  • Full-stack operators who see the entire landscape and how different areas interconnect.

It's a lonely journey, but we've been there. We aim to be a resource for you — a community of solo founders and operators.

We're not family, so think of us as a friend. We're ready to be one of your earliest backers, with single investments up to $100K.

Get in touch.

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Smaller than the sum of its parts.